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Intranet Uplift- 2023

Promo img 1.png
The Intranet uplift aimed to improve the overall employee experience when accessing information and files via SharePoint. Utilising a mix of native webparts I was able to minimize technology debt, ensuring efficient utilization of existing resources, and ultimately improving the intranet's functionality and aesthetic.

Stockland Assist- 2023

Stockland Assist acts as a direct link between retail owners and Stockland. This portal simplifies access to account information, sales data, marketing offers, event details, contacts, access centre information, and support services.

MyHeel - 2021

MyHeel Kit.png
The Mycelium MyHeel smart insoles can be grown at home and allow wearers to monitor their foot health via a personalised web application (that can also be linked to their nominated health care professional). With these ethically grown smart insoles, wearers can engage in interactive foot exercises that visualise movement via bespoke biofeedback technology.

Nova - 2020


Space travel is in the near future! I developed a new navigational system that utilised both a wearable device and a touch screen control panel interface to assist pilots in making informed decisions whilst navigating, specifically focusing on mental health and interactions. The design incorporated both voice and hand control.

Shop For Charity - 2020

Research visualisation.JPG

In response to the 2019-20 bushfires, I developed a new process for all stakeholders involved in charitable giving. This new design, facilitated via an app, ensures goods provided by donors would be used by recipients, limiting waste and clutter for the workers.

Emerald - 2020


With an increasing population there is a need for improved transport systems. 'Emerald' is an improved version of the current system used in NSW, 'Opal'. However, it focused on increasing reliability and sustainability. Rewarding users for selecting more environmentally friendly routes by linking pricing with CO emissions.

Race Against Time - 2018

Race Agains Time Tile.jpg

A campaign video for my beloved, deceased, neighbour Chloe Saxby, who was living with a rare life threatening illness called 'Vanishing White Matter Disease'. This video utilised child-like animations to help convey Chloe's interests and hobbies. It was designed explicitly to help raise funds and awareness.

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