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Race Against Time


‘Race Against Time’ was my 2018 major work for Industrial Technology - Digital Media. This was a project that I decided to do for my next door neighbour, Chloe Saxby, who was living with the rare brain disease, Vanishing White Matter. By creating this animated campaign video, I found a way to help out the Saxby family and hopefully raise much needed funds to find a cure. This film gave a personal insight into Chloe’s life and condition, the 2D animations were chosen to showcase her age and personality. It incorporated the things that she loves, like rainbows, fairies, music and swimming. Throughout the project I used a range of Adobe programs including Flash, After Effects, Illustrator, Premier Pro and Audition, all of which allowed me to edit the film and add animation and special effects. Through careful planning this video was able to be made and new skills were developed.


Race Against Time taught me the importance of planning with storyboards before filming. Particularly with a participant like Chloe who was unable to spend multiple days filming. Chloe's condition affected her ability to stay focused, meaning that I had to know the exact shots required for the entire film.



The Saxby family later posted this video to kick start their campaign again. This post got over 7.2k views, from which they got an abundance of donations which they will use to find a cure for Chloe. 

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